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OneArk® / The future of claims processing

Our Vision

OneArk® was conceived in the pursuit of innovation and efficiency. Developed from scratch to be a cloud-based platform, it was designed to give ultimate flexibility and speed while maintaining the highest security levels expected in our industry. We firmly believe that the needs and wants of your PBM, MCO, healthplan, or group can be taken care of in order to increase profitability in a simple and user-friendly manner. One need not be an expert to reap all the benefits that OneArk® provides. See it for yourself and fully grasp all the possibilities within your reach.

What Sets Us Apart

Until now, the claims processing market has been dominated by a few widely adopted systems. Most were developed during a time when mainframe systems were indispensable for security and reliability. Additions and upgrades were tacked on as new demands were made by businesses or enforced by government regulations. These new solutions added many steps to the whole process, resulting in an effective but highly confusing system.

OneArk’s design began with each component operating separately while simultaneously remaining accessible to many users. This allowed increased speed without delays. We made every effort to adopt a user’s perspective in order to develop a system that could be learned easily by each person accessing the tool. Another key design element was the ability to move freely throughout the application with security and access points easily configured and customized. The result is an application that is truly user-friendly to the beginner and power user alike.

OneArk® was built to avoid the need for coding new business and to easily configure each plan design via a series of selections. Our objective was to think of every possible option and incorporate these selections into the tool from the very beginning. Not only does this save time entering a plan the first time, but the savings grows exponentially if you need to use that benefit as a template for others. As you can see, there is a direct connection between innovation and efficiency translating to value and improved profitability.

The Name

One of our lead designers and primary composers of the application was so deeply moved by the phrase “One Act of Random Kindness,” that he felt compelled to name this masterpiece after his life’s mission. This way of life is defined by putting one’s absolute best into every endeavor, knowing that all of our actions, no matter how seemingly random they may be, have an impact on the lives of many others. It’s a simple motto to live by, and yet so powerful it can shape the future of the world. That is the feeling we want every user and customer to experience when using our application: Simple to use, with powerful results.

The Results

The outcome is an incredibly capable platform that is simple to navigate and easy to use. Initially created for our own use, OneArk®Suite is now being made available nationwide. We believe that the future of claims processing is here and we want you to experience every efficiency that innovation could create. From the very beginning, we set out to bring new design and functionality to each user and enable the marketplace to experience the latest advancements without compromise. Today, we can safely say that we’ve exceeded our initial expectations.. We hope you will choose innovation and take charge of your own claims processing with the easiest to use platform in the industry. We’re honored to introduce to you the result of our dreams: OneArk ®. Think claims processing the simple way.

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