Introducing OneArk® Suite

OneArk® Suite is a flexible and user-friendly tool for the management and oversight of complex pharmacy benefit plans and clinical controls. It was designed from scratch to be cloud based giving ultimate flexibility and speeds while simultaneously maintaining the highest security. This design starts with each component operating separately and yet simultaneously accessible by many to allow increased speed without delays. The entire workflow was laid out from the user perspective in order that a systematic logic could be learned easily and quickly by all. The result is an application that is truly user friendly to the beginner and power user alike.


  • No software installation
  • Instant access, any browser


Saves time

  • Power Copy instantly creates an editable duplicate plan design
  • Configure new plans easily by selections instead of coding


Reduces risk

  • Member noise reduction with superior clinical intelligence
  • Dispensing protections with clarifications to redundant interactions
  • Customized security profiles by user and module


Lowers costs

  • Easily learned and adopted by new users
  • Faster implementations of complex plan designs


Secure & reliable

  • All information stored in highly secure Tier IV Gold data center in Nevada
  • Amazing 100% uptime


Flexible & efficient

  • Highly customizable platform
  • Frequent enhancements and ongoing development
  • 24/7 tech support available

Boost your competitive advantage and profitability with OneArk® Suite.

with powerful results

Experience the future of claims processing. See your company with a competitive advantage of independence. Take charge of your own claims processing with the easiest to use platform in the industry. Simple to use. Powerful results.

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